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Guide for Providers: No-Cost Training Resources on Kinship/Grandfamily Mental Health Needs

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A Black grandmother and grandfather hold and comfort their grandchild
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The resources in this guide contain information useful to staff from a range of professional backgrounds. Most can be read, viewed, or completed in 60 minutes or less (some in less than 15 minutes). Spanish-language resources are included when available.

Resources are grouped in sections covering broad categories of mental health needs.

  • Section 1: General Challenges and Stressors Experienced by Kinship/Grandfamilies
  • Section 2: Grief
  • Section 3: Managing Challenging Behaviors in Young Children
  • Section 4: Managing Challenging Behaviors in Older Children and Adults
  • Section 5: Parental Substance Use
  • Section 6: Trauma
  • Section 7: Secondary Trauma
  • Section 8: Trauma-Informed Principles for Organizations
  • Section 9: Specific Populations
  • Section 10: Trauma, Loss, and Grief Books for Children
  • Section 11: Additional Resources

Sections 1 through 9 list resources, including articles, podcasts, recorded webinars, and videos, in alphabetical order by title. Each resource is presented with a brief description, a link to its web location, and a link to the organization that created or is hosting the resource. Section 10 lists books in alphabetical order by author and Section 11 lists and links to relevant organizations, agencies, and projects.

Note: Resources labeled with an asterisk (*) include contents that could be triggering to those with similar histories.

The resources offer an introduction to the mental health needs of kinship/grandfamilies and the stressors commonly faced by this population, as well as tips on supporting kinship/ grandfamilies. However, these resources do not include instruction on mental health treatment, which should only be conducted by trained and licensed mental health professionals. Those seeking further study can find additional resources in Section 11.

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