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Child Trends

Child Trends is the nation’s leading research organization focused exclusively on improving the lives of children and youth, especially those who are most vulnerable. They work to ensure that all children thrive by conducting nonpartisan research and partnering with practitioners and policymakers to apply that knowledge. They believe that programs and policies that serve children are most effective when they are grounded in deep knowledge of child and youth development and informed by data and evidence. Child Trends’ researchers have extensive knowledge of the needs and strengths of kinship and grandfamily caregivers and the many forms of kinship caregiving in the U.S. They recently created a tool for states and localities to gather data on kinship diversion practices and are conducting a survey of state policies, programs, and practices related to kinship care. Child Trends is conducting the evaluation of the Grandfamilies & Kinship Support Network.  

The Grandfamilies & Kinship Support Network is an important new source of support for kin raising children. Child Trends is excited to serve as the Network’s evaluation partner, helping ensure that these families have ready access to effective supports as they provide essential love and care to millions of children across the country.

Natalia Pane, President, Child Trends